Road Safety in Warley

The Warley Community Association has always campaigned for improvements to road safety ever since its formation in 2008.  In 2011, Calderdale Council undertook a review of the Warley Valley and initially concluded that as part of their improvements, they would introduce extensive 20mph speed limits across the valley.  The Community Association backed this initiative with a 300 signature petition from residents.

The Association also arranged a public meeting where Local Councillors and Council Officers outlined their plans and received feedback from residents on their concerns over road safety and other traffic issues.  Despite the concerns of the community, the Council subsequently changed their overall priorities for implementing 20mph limits in Calderdale and their initial plan to introduce them to Warley was rescinded.

The Association collated these issues and produced a document which is now maintained on an on-going basis and issued periodically to our local councillors and council officers to track any improvements and remind them that the majority of the issues raised by residents continue to be of concern.  

To access the summary document, click here.  To pass comment on the document or to add further issues/concerns, just Contact Us

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