As well as all the information on this website and those of the other organisations we link to, there are also a number of newsletters which you can access on-line.

Warley St John’s – The monthly newsletter of St John’s the Evangelist Church, Warley

Friday Flyer – The weekly newsletter of Halifax North & East (encompassing Warley Ward)

Warley Lantern – The quarterly newsletter of Warley Community Association (no longer published from 2015 ~archive only)

2 Responses to Newsletters

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  2. Libby Prescott says:

    I’m researching a woman named Mary Eastwood from Warley (born c 1791) who was transported to Tasmania in 1833 for 14 years for bigamy. I’m doing this for a paper I’m giving to the Female Convict Research Centre in Hobart in October 2016.
    She had married James Clay in 1807, He joined the militia and left the country 6 months later. She then married William Firth in 1811 and Thomas Oxley in 1832…. all at St John the Baptist in Halifax. Just wondering if anyone has any information that might help me. Apparently she had 2 children. Her first husband, a woman named Susan Greenwood and others brought the action against her.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Libby Prescott

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